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Transform your skin and body with state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments.

The Lounge Spa offers a wide menu of non-surgical procedures including body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, hair removal or restoration, sweat reduction, and facial renewal. Located in and under the medical supervision of Coastal Plastic Surgeons, The Lounge Spa is dedicated to helping patients emerge feeling more attractive and confident.

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Results-driven, non-surgical treatments that work

With so many non-surgical solutions available to address the myriad of skin, hair, and face concerns, our skilled and compassionate team is dedicated to achieving your desired results and only suggest treatments they know will be beneficial to your needs.

We only use the highest quality of aesthetic devices and products

Equipment is from the most respected manufacturers. For instance, our hair removal lasers are so efficient, they take fewer sessions than other devices. And, our hair restoration procedures are painless.

Under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon

Located inside Coastal Plastic Surgeons, The Lounge Spa has the added benefit of medical supervision by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Munish Batra. The team at Coastal Plastic Surgeons has over 20 years of experience.

Top aesthetic providers, chosen for their skill and caring nature

Our extraordinary and artistic nurse aestheticians specialize in making the body and face look younger, tighter, smoother. In fact, many on our staff also train plastic surgeons in non-surgical aesthetics.


Is excessive sweating getting in your way? miraDry® is a revolutionary device that not only helps reduce or stop unnecessary underarm sweating, but also reduces odor and minimizes unwanted hair.


Troubles with skin texture and laxity? Morpheus8™ by InMode combines the tested, results-proven technologies of microneedling and RF energy to improve skin tightness, texture, and clarity.

PRP for Hair Restoration

Is thinning or balding hair interfering with your confidence? Your hair is more than another feature. It is part of your identity. PRP injections can help awaken hair follicles for noticeable hair restoration.